• Steve Wilson

What type of Soda Blast Nozzle do you prefer?

Over many years I have found different types of Armex Soda Blast Nozzle perform different functions when it comes to cleaning & de-painting substrates. The ones on the right in the picture I like for when using an Abrasive Media mixed in with the Bi-Carb such as XL Media for profiling Steelwork or Corrosion removal.

The one on the far left with the handle is great for coating removal purely with Armex Maintenance Blast Media without profiling the surface. The ones in the centre are more for cleaning applications such as grease & oil areas.

What would be your favorite Blast Nozzles to use if given the opportunity?

Would it be for the Profile Performance Nozzles for Steelwork & Corrosion Removal?

Performance Nozzle for Coating Removal work such as NDT of substrates or large Graffiti Removal projects?

Fan, Win or Hi-Pro Nozzle for substrates that require cleaning only?

Let us know? Would like your feedback.

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