FAQ's covers off on a couple of topics such as Polyurea & Sprayfoam, Nano Coatings to Abrasive Blasting Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Reasons for choosing Blast It Clean It Paint It

We have been in business for 27 years & have a professional understanding of what industries require for finding their solutions and exceeding expectations & outcomes. For more, click here.

Reasons for choosing Nano Coating

Nano-Coating is safe to use, cuts cleaning time and cuts use of chemical cleaners by up to 90%. It’s abrasion resistant, long-lasting (5 years for most surface coatings), maintains the look of surfaces by protecting them from stains and UV damage. These coatings do not change the look or texture or the breathability of various materials, yet provide a barrier that is impervious to & provides an Anti-Stick surface for dirt & other contaminants. For more, click here.

Applications for Nano Coating

The applications for nano coatings are almost endless providing solutions and enhancements that previously seemed impossible on stone/brick, metal, raw timber, anti-graffiti, solar, plastics & polymers, glass and ceramics. For more, click here.

What is the difference between Abrasive Blasting & Water Blasting?

Abrasive blasting uses abrasive material such as garnet to remove corrosion and create a new surface profile. Water blasting uses high pressure water to clean surfaces and can also be used in conjunction with Soda/Bi-Carb or chemicals to remove paint.

Where can Polyurea be used?

Polyurea can bond to most surfaces - steel, aluminium, timber, concrete, fibreglass, rubber, polystyrene and plastic surfaces and geofrabic linings. For more, click here.

Do you work for residential?

No. We do not carry out work for residential

Do you work commercial?

Yes. We carry out work for the commercial industry. ie - Council buildings and facilities, Factories, Heritage and architectural buildings, and more. For more information, click here

How can I get a quote from you?

E-mail steve@blastitcleanitpaintit.com.au or send a message through our website or call 0414-999-600

How do you manage risks associated with abrasive blasting & industrial painting?

We comply to the necessary and appropriate Australian Industry Standards and Codes of Practice.

Does your company carry insurance?

Yes, we carry Public Liability & Workers Compensation.

How can I give you feedback?

Through our website.

Do you work interstate / overseas?

Yes. Blast It Clean It Paint It has successfully carried out projects both nationally and internationally . We have also carried works out overseas.

Reasons for choosing Polyurea?

Polyurea is a truly remarkable coating, lining and joint sealant technology, being successfully used for a large variety of commercial/industrial applications. They have tremendous advantages over conventional coating materials, as they can be used to repair cracking in concrete, capable of expanding up to 700% and has proven extreme durability/abrasion resistance. It outlasts, out performs all previous coating methods. Application time is significantly reduced, enabling the owner to put the facility back into use immediately, rather than waiting days and weeks for old fashion coatings to cure, it is dry to the touch in 10 seconds. Full, unrestricted use in 24 hours or less. Tensile strength at 24Cº from 1,500 to 6,600psi. Unlike other paints, there is NO REDUCTION OF THICKNESS (shear loss) at edges or corners with Polyurea. It’s thick, full coverage application typically requires little or no down time. Polyurea is more than a maintenance-free solution to your needs... it’s a great looking coating! When image is important, Polyurea will make you proud of your assets.


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